Our Innovation story

As your business grows, it will at various times encounter barriers and obstacles that will either slow down progress, or worse still, have the potential to stop it dead in its tracks. The simple truth is that we all operate in an ever-shifting market which doesn’t always give us consistent or expected results. The old adage ‘if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got’ is confined to history.

Today, more than ever, we operate in a climate of disruption. Unlikely competitors’ products and services can quickly take significant market share from you. Consider what UBER has done to black cabs, what Amazon has done to bookshops and record stores, what digital cameras did to Kodak, and now what smart phones have done to digital cameras. You may have a great idea, product, service and sales team, but to enjoy growth you need to continually look to embrace innovation in your business. 

That’s where we come in.

If innovation is important to you - and by innovation we mean how you can commercially exploit new ideas, products services, processes and ways of doing business, including how you finance your business - then we can help. 

We work with you to model your business and identify ways that can help support your growth through applied innovation.

We start by applying a suite of powerful analysis tools to bring to life your business’ strategic strengths, weaknesses and potential new opportunities. 

Once the analysis is done, and you are comfortable with the results, we help you find new markets, partners and technologies to drive innovation. We also offer advice on the sources of finance available to support your progress.

We can even help you create a culture of continuous innovation within your business to enable you to capture and exploit valuable ideas from your employees and clients. 

Everything we deliver is focused on your continued commercial success. After all, our definition of innovation is turning ideas into money.

And it’s all free! Funded by the EU and the British Government’s Innovation agency, our job is to help you succeed, so that the UK maintains its position as a thriving and successful centre for global innovation.

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