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The best asset in your business is the people that make it happen. Investing in them and nurturing them will not only help to tackle your skills gaps, but you'll recruit and retain the right people. 

We want to help build the workforce of the future by bringing together business, education and learners of all ages to enable entry to, and progression through, meaningful and fulfilling careers.

To date we’ve secured thousands of pledges from businesses like yours to engage learners, employees and prospective job candidates through providing insights into work, job roles and expectations.

What are skills pledges?

Experiences of work are vital to ensuring people of all ages are able to access vital knowledge about the range of jobs businesses offer and how to access them. A skills pledge is a commitment from organisations like yours to engage a learner and share your knowledge and experience with them to help benefit the future workforce.  

We’ll work with you to support you in the delivery of these pledges and in turn boost your own skillsets as a result.  

Pledging can also start ‘at home’. Few businesses realise the potential of apprenticeships for the upskilling of existing staff to a higher level, and the financial support which is available to help you achieve this. 

What can I pledge?

It’s easy and there are many ways to get involved, from delivering a talk in schools, taking a degree level student into your business or hiring your first apprentice, with endless options in-between. 

Here are some examples of how to get involved, but we also would love to hear any new ideas from your organisation:

  • Tours and open days
  • Career talks
  • Participating in careers fairs 
  • Providing a work placement opportunity
  • Hiring an intern or apprentice
  • Bespoke project design and delivery with university/college students
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring 
  • CV or portfolio reviews

What are the benefits?

Increase your productivity and employee engagement by supporting learners to develop their skills and help to reduce the region's skills gaps. You'll also be able to solve the skills need in your own business. 

You're not alone after putting your name down either. We're here to offer the guidance, advice and resources you need to take part in these activities.

How can you get involved?

If you'd like to get the ball rolling, or simply to find out more, simply complete the form below and we'll be in touch.

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  • We pledged our support and offered our expertise, reach and time to benefit our employees and the future workforce as we recognise that we are a valuable link between industry (our clients), education, and the workforce of today and tomorrow. We are passionate about building a future skilled workforce by supporting people to develop their skills and employability, and helping to reduce industry skills gaps via training education and advice, as well as bringing industry and education together to support the future workforce.


    Hayley Schwab
    Client Relationship Manager, Rise Technical Recruitment

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