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Megan Farrow
Marketing Support | Ghyston Ltd
5th October 2021
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What we can offer you

We offer 8-week long internships, usually in the summer. Our internships provide an excellent route into software development as a career, as well as a great opportunity to learn transferable skills for a range of demanding roles within the tech industry. Many of our interns go on to work for us permanently once they’ve graduated.

The salary for our internships is £20,000 (per annum equivalent), and we can arrange accommodation in student housing for you at cost price if you need somewhere to live.

What you can bring to us

We’re looking for exceptionally bright, enthusiastic people, with a demonstrable interest in technology. We’re looking for people who love thinking creatively to solve problems, who can communicate their ideas, and who enjoy working in teams.

You don’t have to be fully sold on a career in software development to apply to us – that’s our job – but we’ll expect you to be considering it as a career. We look for aptitude over practical experience and our interview tests reflect this.

What you will be working on

Internships start with an internal training programme that covers key technologies and project processes. From here you will work within project teams either on real-life customer projects or on developing new features for our in-house software. Throughout your time with us you’ll have input, support and training from our developers and managers. There are many social events arranged over the summer, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get to know your fellow interns and the rest of the Ghyston team. We also have a lovely office environment and chillout room to enjoy when at work, and if you’re not familiar with Bristol then it’s a great city to explore. Past interns comment on how much they’ve learned, how their confidence has grown, and how much fun they’ve had.


  • Have an excellent academic record
  • Be a second year or above at a good university, preferably in a STEM subject
  • Have an interest in technology
  • Enjoy problem-solving
  • Be a good communicator and team player
  • Have a little bit of humility and a willingness to learn



At Ghyston we really value diversity, and we make a concerted effort to judge each applicant on their individual strengths and the positive attributes they can bring to the company. If you’d like to find out more about us or check any of these requirements before applying, please do get in touch. We’re happy to deal with any queries before and during your application process.
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Closing Date 30 November

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